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Your Generosity Breaks Chains
Saves Families 

and Advances 

the Kingdom of God


Encounter Ministry believes in your church and wants to see you support it. Please do not give to Encounter INSTEAD of your local church. We are an auxiliary ministry that helps to assist and support churches in breathing life back into its congregation SO THAT they can return to their church and serve with passion and willingness. Support your local church first, then if you have overflow, we would be thankful and appreciative to receive your donation and use it to continue to support Encounter Ministry.

Why Giving Matters...

5 years ago I was lost. The weight of my past was crushing. I felt like I had ruined my life.  I had nowhere to turn for freedom. I was broke, hurt, addicted and living a defeated life. Someone paid my way to attend an Encounter. It changed everything. Jesus used Encounter to save my marriage, my family and my life. I'm forever thankful to God for this ministry and for the person who paid my way.

Become A Monthly
Ministry Partner

Become a monthly partner at any giving level and receive:

  • Monthly partners zoom call

  • Quarterly "Partners" newsletter"

  • 10% Discount on all Encounter merchandise

  • Become a Premier Partner when you give $200/m or more and receive 4 Encounter event admissions per year for you and your spouse.

Support An Encounter  Missionary

Become a monthly partner at any

giving level and receive:

  • Monthly partners zoom call

  • 10% Discount on all merchandise

It takes a lot of volunteers to make an Encounter weekend work. But there are a few who give nearly all of their time to the work of planning, supporting, expanding  & executing the ministry on a daily basis. These are volunteers who without the support of generous donors would not be able to commit the time and dedication it takes to keep this ministry alive. We call them domestic missionaries. They are kingdom workers who preach the gospel in your own backyard and are making a local impact. 

Donate An Encounter Scholarship

We never want money to be a reason someone isn't able to come Encounter freedom in Christ. Many of our attendees come from homeless shelters and transitional homes and are not in a position to cover their costs. We are committed to making sure anyone who genuinely wants to come, but cant afford it, finds a way to get on the bus. Give to this fund and help us keep our commitment to never saying no to a first time attendee.

Help Fund An Encounter Community Project

Encounter is more than a weekend experience. Four times a year Encounter ministry gives back to the community by helping a person in desperate need. Wether its replacing a roof for a widow or adding insulation to a house for a single mother with 4 kids, we are here to help. Faith without works is dead. Giving to this fund ensures we have the supplies needed to walk out true religion in true freedom. 

Our Missionaries

Click on a missionary below to see who they are and what they do

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