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  • I want details! Someone invited me but wont tell me exactly what you do at Encounter - why all the secrecy?
    Many times God challenges us to walk into the unknown, trusting that He has a plan and a purpose for us in the process. We aren't big on giving all the details for several reasons. But first and foremost, not knowing everything, is often times the first step in learning to let go of control & trust God completely. "But I do trust God" you say, "I just don't trust you"! I hear you, and to that all we can say is that thousands, literally thousands have been in your shoes. We've all attended that first Encounter, being invited by someone who wont give the details, walked through the process and can honestly say its changed our lives for the better. Testimony after testimony will tell you that attending an Encounter will be one of the best decisions of your life. Another reason we don't give all the details is because it will lessen the impact. I think of it like this. Your birthday is coming up, you feel like nobody cares, but low and behold you walk into your house and all the people who love you most have spent weeks planning the perfect surprise birthday party. Your so overwhelmed with joy and surprise that you are left breathless. Now imagine if you had caught wind of the planning and looked into all the details, you could tell yourself that you will still be surprised and enjoy the celebration, but the truth is, the party is ruined. The anticipation is spoiled and the shock is gone. In much the same way, the Encounter weekend is full of wonderful twists and joyous surprises that will shock you and leave you breathless. Don't ruin the party, just come and enjoy.
  • Are you a church?
    We are a non-profit charitable organization without affiliation to any particular church or denomination. Over the years we have grown to work with dozens of churches across the nation. Our goal is first and foremost, to support the local churches and their leadership through programs that equip men and women to serve their communities and beyond (Ephesians 4:12). Primarily we are part of the Body of Christ and His Church. Therefore, we hold ourselves to the same Biblical standards of accountability.
  • What is your denomination?
    Encounter Ministry has men and women serving and attending from all walks of life and all stages of faith. We represent a broad spectrum from Evangelical to Charismatic and from Protestant to both Anglican and Roman Catholic. Part of the unique beauty of Encounter Ministry is the seamless collaboration of leaders from a wide array of denominations. Encounter is committed to "keeping the main thing, the main thing, and His name is Jesus Christ." With this as our focus we are able to avoid the various Christian hot topics that divide us. We encourage all to find and be a part of a local church that stands upon the gospel, loves Jesus and encourages a life of freedom & surrender.
  • How is the ministry financially supported?
    We operate from the generosity of local churches and men and women in our host communities. Our giving policy asks those willing to sacrificially support our ministry to first give and support their local church. We generate the majority of our revenue from events like Men’s and Women’s Encounter. These events often operate at a loss but through the generosity of our sponsors and partners we are able to ensure that all are able to attend regardless of their economic situation.
  • Are you just about weekend events?
    Many men and women of our ministry, after being first impacted by the Encounter, ask this question... what's next? Our calling is putting our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ in the center of our lives. Encounter is a pathway to that calling. Our goal has always been to build up the local church and build strong communities of dedicated Christians willing to serve one another through lives challenges. We work hard to establish partnerships that provide other ministry opportunities such as community service projects, discipleship opportunities and other events to bond and grow in relationship with one another. We also embrace ministries dealing with addiction, marriage and relationship, and local community mission work. If you have a ministry you’d like to recommend or a community service project, please email them to us at

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